BACL is upgraded again – Introducing DASY8 System

DASY8, the 8th generation of DASY (Dosimetric Assessment System (DASY) is a robot-based high precision electromagnetic (EM) near-field scanning platform), is the most precise and advanced flexible scanning platform for testing compliance with any national (e.g., FCC, CENELEC) and international guidelines, standards, and regulations  (e.g., IEC, IEEE, ICNIRP) and for a wide range of R&D measurement tasks related to EM exposure from 3 kHz to 110 GHz.

Our DASY8 is applied with Module SAR. It is optimized for demonstration of compliance with local and whole-body specific absorption rate (SAR)limits from 4 MHz to 10 GHz based on SAR measurements. The module scans the field in the entire or in a sub-volume of a phantom filled with tissue simulating liquid and determines the peak spatial SAR directly without any approximation. It is the most accurate SAR tool available on the market and considered as the gold standard in compliance testing.

With the upgraded system, our capability of SAR testing / evaluation is stronger and more efficient. In another word, the cost and efficiency would be more attractive to customers. If you are interested in a further discussion, please kindly contact