Mutually Recognized Agreements

Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) for conformity assessment are bilateral agreements between governments aimed at facilitating the trade of telecommunications equipment. These agreements are crucial in streamlining the certification and testing processes for such equipment.

BACL is a trusted Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) authorized to conduct in-house testing and certification for multiple countries designated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This recognition demonstrates our expertise and adherence to international standards, enabling us to provide comprehensive conformity assessment services to our clients.

We offer a convenient one-stop shop approach that significantly benefits our customers. By eliminating the need for multiple testing and certification processes in various countries, we save our customers valuable time and reduce the overall cost of placing their products in foreign markets.

Experience the advantages of our MRA-backed services as we work together to simplify the market access process and unlock new opportunities for your products in foreign markets.

BACL Sunnyvale is recognized by the following countries under MRA Phase I:

Canada Taiwan (BSMI and NCC) Korea Vietnam
Europe Hong Kong Singapore Indonesia
Australia/New Zealand Israel Japan



BACL Sunnyvale lab is recognized by following countries under MRA Phase II:

Canada Hong Kong Singapore Japan

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