EMI Testing

We are proud to provide extensive EMC Immunity testing services that cater to a wide range of products, spanning from small modules and hand-held devices to large rack-mounted systems, electric cars, and even massive industrial machines. Our expertise covers EMC Immunity testing for various electronic and electromechanical products, regardless of whether they incorporate transmitters, receivers, or transceivers.

Our dedicated team routinely conducts EMC Immunity testing to assess the resilience of products against electromagnetic disturbances. At BACL, we understand the critical importance of ensuring product performance and reliability in diverse environments. With our comprehensive EMC Immunity testing capabilities, we enable manufacturers to identify and address potential vulnerabilities in their products, enhancing their overall electromagnetic compatibility.

Our Testing Capabilities

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Radiated RF Electromagnetic Field Immunity Test
Electrical Fast Transients/Burst Immunity Surge Immunity
Power Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity Test Voltage Dips and Short Interruptions & Variations Test


BACL Sunnyvale’s ISO/IEC 17025 Scope of Accreditation is over 18 pages long and includes more than 150 different Product Family EMC Immunity Test Standards, Generic EMC Immunity Standards, and Basic EMC Immunity Test Method Standards.

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