Vietnam QCVN Update

Vietnam  MIC had officially issued Circular No. 02/2024/TT-BTTTT on 29th March 2024. It will take effect on 15th May 2024 and replace Circular 04/2023/TT-BTTTT.

Circular 02/2024/TT-BTTTT includes significant changes to the regulations on the product and goods category that require quality inspection, conformity declaration (SDoC), and conformity certification (TAC). Please see some examples here:

  • The adoption of new standards such as QCVN 55:2023/BTTTT, QCVN 110:2023/BTTTT, QCVN 111:2023/BTTTT from May 15, 2024, earlier than the standards’ effective dates. (QCVN 117:2023/BTTTT has been applied for conformity certification from February 15, 2024). All these standards are included in the new circular.
  • Type approval certificates issued in the period from July 15, 2023, to May 14, 2024, will continue to be valid until the expiration date noted on the certificates.
  • Exemption for some of the  technical specifications that are difficult to measure, such as Total Radiated Power (TRP), Total Radiated Sensitivity (TRS), base station performance, etc.
  • Except for wifi modems/access points, the requirement of tests under extreme conditions for other RF products is postponed to 30 June 2025; extreme condition will only mandate on this date.
  • Exemptions of required Certification for importing of self for certain product that pose minimum risk such as laptop, tablets, desktop computer , TV and etc.  Maximum allowed is 3 unit.
  • 5G NR mobile phones are required to support both Standalone (SA) and Non-Standalone (NSA) operating modes and must support the frequency bands specified in QCVN 127:2021/BTTTT.

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