SAR is now required – Indonesia SDPPI

Indonesia SDPPI published KOMINFO No 177  Tahun 2024 on implementation of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) on Mobile Phones and Tablet Computers.

To ensure safety and mitigate potential health risks associated with the use of telecommunication devices, the Ministry will require SAR testing for cell phones and tablets as part of the certification process for telecommunication devices.

Here are the summaries:

  1. For Mobile Phones and Tablet Computers  , SAR Requirement as per below
    • Mobile phone and tablet computer devices are defined as telecommunications devices that are used at a distance of less than 20 cm from the body and have a radiated transmit power of more than 20 mW.
    • SAR limits for the head will be enforced starting on April 1, 2024.
    • SAR limits for the torso/body limbs will be enforced starting on August 1, 2024
  1. Type approval applications for mobile phone and tablet computer devices after the effective dates must include a SAR test report and must comply with the SAR requirement mentioned.
  2. SAR testing is mandatory to test at local lab. Only the SDPPI lab, BBPPT, is able to support SAR testing at this time.
  3. Since there are only 1 lab can issue the SAR report, SDPPI also mentioned providing 2 years grace period for
    • If the lab cannot issue the report on time when during submission ,  Certification can be proceed with the statement letter from the local testing laboratory. The outline of the letter will mentioned the estimate date of issuance of the SAR test report from that local laboratory
    • SDPPI will based on the estimate date mentioned in the statement letter  ( assume the lab will issue the test report on that date ) and provide the applicant 14 days to submit the Test report to SDPPI for that certification  ( Based on the Estimate Date from the Test lab )

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