Child Use and Care Article Safety Testing

Child Use and Care articles concern manufacturers who design products  intended for children under 3 years old.  Such products promote sleeping and eating, such as pacifiers, teethers.

Baby products go through rigorous product safety testing requirements due to its special user group.  Children’s products are recalled frequently due to product safety in the international market.  Countries have developed, and update their own regulations and standards to regulate the safety of Child Use and Care articles.


Product Range

Nipple and Pacifiers
Drinking Equipment
Pacifier Clip
Tableware, such as knife and fork, feeding tools, feeding bottleneck.

Service items

Physical & Mechanical Test
Migration of certain elements
N – Nitrosamines and N – nitrous compounds release
MBT Testing in Vulcanized Rubber
Antioxidant Release in Vulcanized Rubber
Color Fastness to Water
Color fastness to perspiration
Nickel Release
BPA Release

Main Standards around the World

International Standard Organization
ISO 9221 High Chair

EN13209 Baby Carriers Safety Requirement and Test Methods
EN13210 Children’s safety harnesses, reins and similar type articles. Safety requirements and test methods
BS 6684 Specification for safety harnesses (including detachable walking reins) for restraining children when in perambulators (baby carriages), pushchairs and high chairs and when walking
EN12221 Safety requirement for changing units for domestic use.
EN14988 Children’s High Chair
EN 1272 Table mounted chairs
EN14036 Baby bouncers
Children’s cots and folding cots for domestic use
Playpens for domestic use
Carry cots and stands
Cribs and cradles for domestic use
Children’s bed guards for domestic use
French Children’s’ High Chair

Requirements for Pacificiers
Consumer Safety Specification for Soft Infant and Toddler Carrier
Hand-held infant Carriers
Frame Child Carriers
Safety requirement for baby changing tables for domestic use
Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Diaper Changing Tables for Commercial Use
Consumer safety specification for high chair
Standard Specification for Consumer Safety for Portable Hook-On Chairs
Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Infant Bath Seats
Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Infant Bouncer Seats
Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Non-Full-Size Baby Cribs/Play Yards
Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Full-size Baby Cribs
Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toddler Beds
Requirement for Full-size Baby Cribs
Requirements For Non-Full-Size Baby Cribs
Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Children’s Chairs and Stools
Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Booster Seats
Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Infant Bedding and Related Accessories.

Australia and New Zealand
Cots for household use-safety requirements
Folding Cots- safety requirements

Feeding bottles


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