News from India TEC

On 23rd June , TEC had issue 2 announcements:

  1. No 5-2/2021-TC/TEC 131  –  about the Extension of phase 3 and 4 product to be mandatory
  2. No 5-2/2021-TC/TEC 165 – Product under Phase V of Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecommunications Equipment

TEC has also released the Circular regarding the New Products under Phase-V of mandatory Testing & Certification of Telecommunications Equipment.

List of proposed products are shown below:

  1. Base Station for Cellular Network for 5G
  2. 5G Core
  3. Hypervisor
  4. E-band Fixed Radio Relay System
  5. Converged Multi Service Application Access Equipment ( C-MSAAE)
  6. IP Terminal
  7. Hybrid Set Top Box

If you are interested to know more about the Circular of TEC and the Notification, please feel free to contact