Jordan TRC – New SRD Regulations

An updated Type Approval Regulation Version #2 of SRD regulation for Jordan was published by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) of Jordan recently.

Here is a summary of the key updates and significant changes in the new SRD Regulation:

  • Adding Band 26957-27283 KHz for Inductive devices.
  • Adding Band 27090-27100 KHz for Inductive devices.
  • Adding Band 174-216 MHz for Radio Microphones
  • Adding Band 470-694 MHz for Radio Microphones
  • Adding Band 2446-2454 MHz for RFID (500mW-4W)
  • Adding Band 24.25-26.65 GHz for Transport and Traffic Telematics.
  • Removing Band 865-868 MHz (500mW, EN 303659)
  • Removing Band 870-874.4 MHz
  • Removing Band 915-919.4 MHz
  • Correct the restrictions for Band 5250-5350 MHz be allowed for both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Removing Band 57-71 GHz (for the outdoor fixed installation)

The new type approval regulation is currently in effect. Applicants, manufacturers and suppliers of telecommunications equipment in Jordan should ensure compliance with the specified requirements.

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