Brazil ANATEL News

ANATEL published the new Act 9281, defining the technical requirements for Smart TV Box conformity assessment. The Act 9281 will come into force on September 11th, 2023.

This new Standard creates this new product category called Smart TV Box, covering all the terminal equipment intended for accessing audiovisual content via the Internet and displaying it on another device with a screen. Furthermore, this standard will not cover personal computers, TV, mobile phones, tablets, and cable TV equipment.

Besides that, the products liable for this Act, must comply with the following requirements below, otherwise, the approval may be denied:

  1. The model and brand of the product to be approved must not be listed in the irregular equipment or software list of ANATEL (date to publish, TBD);
  2. The manufacturer’s or its representative’s internet pages, product manual, or any other documentation must not contain any information or instructions regarding the use, updating, or installation of software or applications intended for illicit access to audiovisual content.
  3. A declaration must be submitted stating that the equipment marketed for the consumer does not have any type of software or application that allows the consumer to illicitly access audiovisual content. Also, the declaration must state that its documentation or advertisements do not have instructs or encourage information to install software or applications that are intended for illicit purposes.

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