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ANATEL published the new Act No.1630 (Test Procedures For Evaluating the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for Telecommunications Products) and it replaced the previous Act 955 (Feb 8th, 2018).

Below shows the main changes. For further details please check with

  1. Changing the applicable frequency range from 300 MHz to 6 GHz to 4 MHz to 6 GHz.
  2. Separation Distance between Manikin and the Portable Terminal up to 15 mm from any part of the human body. Before it was accepted up to 20 cm.
  3. For portable devices sold with two or more batteries that have differences related to (to): load capacity, physical dimensions or protection circuit, the tests must be carried out, in full, with the battery with the greatest capacity. The remaining batteries can only be used in tests to determine the highest SAR value in each radio frequency band. Before ANATEL required to do full SAR testing in all batteries.
  4. Only accessories with metallic/conductive parts must be tested along with the portable device. Accessories with other non-conductive materials (such as silicone, plastic, etc.) does not need to be tested. The accessories must be tested in the configuration of technology and RF range that has the highest SAR value of the portable device measured without accessories. Before it was required to do SAR testing with all accessories, including non-conductive.
  5. Inclusion of new procedure of SAR measures for Non-Simultaneous Signals.
  6. Inclusion of new procedure of Average Time Interval for Time-Averaging  SAR – TAS.
  7. Inclusion of new procedure to determine the maximum SAR in the spatial average of a portable devices.

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