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BACL Lighting Testing Facility

BACL Lighting Testing Facility

BACL is one of the world’s leading lighting product testing laboratories and lighting product certification bodies. We are proud to state we have the largest Sphere test equipment in Bay Area with total amount of 2. Plus, 3 sets of 2nd generation LM-80 Chambers and 1 dedicated dark room with Gonio-Photometer system. The capability of lighting testing is outstanding in Bay Area, even in California.

Lighting Energy Efficiency Testing and Certification Services:

  • ENGERGY STAR® (USA and Canada)
  • California Energy Commission (CEC)
  • Design Lighting Consortium (DLC)
  • DOE Department of Energy (USA)
  • NRCan (Natural Resources Canada)
  • CE ErP Directive (Europe)
  • Energy Label (Europe)
  • EECA (New Zealand)
  • GEMS/MEPS (Australia and New Zealand)
  • Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Act [VEET] Scheme (Australia)
  • IPART Scheme Lighting Requirement (Australia)
  • SASO (Saudi Arabia)
  • INMETRO (Brazil)
  • HK Energy Label
  • Efficient Lighting Initiative ELI (Worldwide)

If you may have any lighting compliance needs and/or question, please feel free to contact:

Sphere (3):
Large Sphere *2 – Diameter 1.5m
Small Sphere *1 – Diameter 0.5m
LM-80 Chambers (3):
Key LM-80 Specification 2nd LM-80
Chamber Qty. 3
Max. Capacity 3*90pcs
Max. Total Test LED Power 3*900W
Max. Single Test LED Power 20W
Max. Voltage and Current 0-150V@0-5A
Max. Ts Temp. Range 150℃

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