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Vietnam MIC Update

From 1 January 2024,Vietnam MIC electrical safety standard – QCVN132:2022 will be in effect. It shall be applied for all  ICT and ITE products such as desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, DVB-T2 TV/ set-top-box, DECT phones etc. Currently, MIC still does not finalize the requirements as this is confusion with rules. So as of now…

Jordan TRC – New SRD Regulations

An updated Type Approval Regulation Version #2 of SRD regulation for Jordan was published by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) of Jordan recently. Here is a summary of the key updates and significant changes in the new SRD Regulation: Adding Band 26957-27283 KHz for Inductive devices. Adding Band 27090-27100 KHz for Inductive devices. Adding Band…

Taiwan NCC News

According to Taiwan NCC Telecommunications Regulation, Article 66: If Telecommunications Regulation does not regulate the related technology, following regulations may be followed: National Standards of Republic of China Regulations from international standards organization Regulations from authorities in regard of the specific technology Per Telecommunications Regulation, 57-64GHz is open for public usage as an unlicensed band.…

Singapore Compliance Update

Enterprise Singapore had issued a circular pertaining for AC Adapters that can deliver more than 100W on 7th of September. Currently, Enterprise had issued this circular to clarify on how AC adapters that can deliver more than 100W of power to connected equipment shall ensure compliance with IEC 62368-1. Compliance to the relevant safety standards…