Which test specifications need to be considered for products with Bluetooth technology?

Many technical products today are equipped with interfaces for Bluetooth. The usage of this technology results in different test scenarios, which are necessary for the certification of a device and thus for the market introduction. In this context, a distinction is made between regulatory Bluetooth tests, which are indispensable for market approval, and test scenarios based on the requirements of the private certification regime Bluetooth SIG.

Any device that uses the Bluetooth technology and displays the Bluetooth logo must undergo tests in accordance with the “Bluetooth SIG Qualification Program“. It is only upon passing these tests that the manufacturer is officially authorized to use the Bluetooth technology and the associated Bluetooth trademark, which is a quality seal for the compatibility of Bluetooth devices worldwide.

In addition, there are the regulatory Bluetooth tests, which must be conducted based on national specifications. The execution of the necessary tests and the observance of the specifications is the condition for market approval of the products.

For example, for the approvals in Europe, USA / Canada and Japan, the following radio standards are decisive for the scope of the test:

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