Wireline Telecom Testing and Certification

As an FCC-designated Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB) and as an ISED Canada- designated Foreign Certification Body (FCB), BACL can provide testing, perform filings and obtain regulatory approvals for wireline telecom products per the ACTA (USA) and TEL (Canada) regulatory approval requirements.  Additionally, BACL can provide similar testing and approvals services for wireline telecom products for “Europe” (i.e., for the EU / EFTA / EEA nations), Japan, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.  Among many other things, BACL can perform wireline telecom product testing and can provide approval services for:

  • FCC Part 68: per ACTA TIA-968: Technical Requirements for Connection of Terminal Equipment to Telephone Network;
  • ISED Canada: per CS-03: Compliance Specification for Terminal Equipment, Terminal Systems, Network Protection Devices, Connection Arrangements and Hearing Aids Compatibility;
  • “Europe”: per ETSI ES 203 021-1: Access and Terminals (AT); Harmonized basic attachment requirements for Terminals for connection to analogue interfaces of the Telephone Networks;
  • Australia: per AS/ACIF S002: Analogue interworking and non-interference requirements for Customer Equipment for connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network;
  • Australia: per AS/ACIF S003: Requirements for Customer Access Equipment for connection to a Telecommunications Network;
  • Singapore:(IMDA): Technical requirements for Line Terminal Equipments;
  • Hong Kong (OFTA): Technical requirements for Fixed Network Equipments;
  • Japan (JATE): Technical requirements for Telecommunication Terminal Equipment;
  • ITU-T Recommendation K.21: Resistibility of telecommunication equipment installed in customer premises to overvoltages and overcurrents;
  • ITU-T Recommendation K.45: Resistibility of telecommunication equipment installed in the access and trunk networks to overvoltages and overcurrents;
  • ITU-T Recommendation ITU-T K.44: Resistibility tests for telecommunication equipment exposed to overvoltages and overcurrents (Basic Recommendation).

For assistance in obtaining Wireline Telecom Testing and / or Certification, please contact our friendly Sales Team for information.