Quality Assurance Associate

Job Title:                                        Quality Assurance Associate

Responsibilities and Limitations:

  • Through training, works with technical staff for justification of test documents and test reports when changes are made.
  • Discuss with senior test personnel for testing issues.
  • Understands test reports and their priorities.
  • Maintains and improves the level of technical and grammatical competency of his department through training.
  • Ensures that her department’s document compilation, editing, processing and filing methods, comply with national and international Agency and regulatory requirements.
  • Provides instructions, motivation and training to the staff in the Document Control and Document PM department.
  • Compilation, Editing and processing of BACL Procedures and Working Instructions.
  • Performs random audits of departments staff to ensure reports meet BACL’s Quality standards.
  • Review the 3rd party agencies requests regarding the legitimacy of certificates and reports.
  • Follow up with Customer Satisfaction Surveys and assist with the annual analysis report.
  • Follow up the agencies’ concern and complete the QA CARS accordingly.
  • Audits and updates the FCC, IC, HKCA, Japan, IDA CB list.
  • Respond to the agencies email and mails regarding the submission issues or question under QA Manager’s guidance.
  • Understands and follows the BACL Quality System. 

Education and Experience: 

  • BS/BA
  • Advanced knowledge of Quality Management Standards
  • Has a minimum of 2-years of work experience in standards and testing reports Has a detailed knowledge of International Submissions 

Technical Knowledge: 

  • Has expert knowledge of Regulatory standards and testing procedures
  • Has expert knowledge with office and graphic software
  • Advanced computer knowledge, organizational skills and attention to details
  • Has a good command of the English language
  • Has great communication and interpersonal skills
  • Has excellent office computer s/w skills, organizational and management skills 

Training Needed:

  • ISO/IEC 17025 Training Required
  • ISO 17065 Training Required