On-Site Field Testing and Evaluation

Helping you verify compliance and AHJ approval of your equipment.

Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) have a top priority of keeping people and property safe. In order to do that, they need to know that the products, equipment and systems installed in their jurisdictions have been evaluated to meet current safety requirements.

Code authorities count on BACL’s technical expertise and nearly 25 years of experience to provide thorough evaluations, trustworthy certifications, and the technical support needed to guarantee safe code-compliant installations.

Responsive and quality-assured services, helping you assure your equipment meets all applicable codes.

BACL performs field labeling services of unlabeled & non-certified electrical equipment with the highest level of integrity helping you avoid unexpected delays and rejection from AHJs. BACL can confidently demonstrate that your product complies with the applicable requirements. If needed, we will be on site within 24 hours or the following working day through our team of field inspectors across the U.S.

With nearly 25 years of product safety expertise and relationships with AHJ’s, we work with you and the local AHJ to meet your deadline and secure approval with your local or state inspector.