Product Safety Engineer

Responsibility and Limitation:

  • To be able to perform tests under projects against ISO17025. Make measurements and determine performance against specifications and limits. Be familiar with test instruments, test methods, test procedures and test standards. Understand the purpose of each test and be able to assess of test results. Write test reports with good quality. To stay updated with current and forthcoming construction and testing requirements
  • Must possess good verbal and written communication skills, being able to both interface well with internal and external customers.
  • Responsible to provide project testing status to BACL’s project team and the customer
  • Meet project schedules and deadlines.
  • Assists and reports to the Dept. Manager to ensure product compliance with national and international safety and Energy Efficiency Lighting Products (EELP) regulatory standards and requirements.
  • Assists and reports to the Dept. Manager to provide technical support to Sales and other departments in BACL
  • Understands and follows the BACL Quality System, procedures and work instructions
  • May participate in reviewing the work of other staff.

Education and Experience:

  • BS, typically 3 years safety experience.

Technical Knowledge:

  • Work experience in safety engineering or related fields,
  • Knowledge of safety regulatory standards and test methods
  • Applicants with prior product safety experience with Medical, Telecom and Lighting, Testing and Measurement and ITE products have better chance of success.

Training needed:

  • ISO/IEC 17025 Requirement
  • ISO 17065 Requirement