Congratulations on Shenzhen BACL’s Successful Passing of IECEE CBTL’s Annual Examination

Good News! Congratulations on Shenzhen BACL’s Successful Passing of IECEE CBTL’s Annual Examination
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Shenzhen BACL successfully passed the annual examination of IECEE CBTL on August 28, 2018. Alexander Neumaier, an IECEE NCB technical expert from Germany, conducted a comprehensive, rigorous and detailed examination on the personnel, equipment, environment, testing capability and quality system of Shenzhen BACL. With good management, excellent personnel quality and regulatory field operation, Shenzhen BACL laboratory was highly appreciated and evaluated by the examination team. The annual examination achieves a complete success!

At present, the IECEE CBTL authorization of Shenzhen BACL covers dozens of standards of information technology products, audio and video products, lighting products and other products. These standards are listed as follows:


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The IECEE CB SCHEME is an international system for electrical and electronic products (including equipment, devices and components), which refers to the internationally recognized product safety standards and uses the global network of CBTL. The safety test reports and certificates of the certification bodies in the scheme are mutual recognized. The CB Labs are responsible for testing products and when the products conform to the relevant technical standards, the testing results shall be submitted to the corresponding NCB of each member state. Then the NCB may authorize the products to enter the market legally without any other tests. The goal of the system is to reduce international trade barriers caused by different national certification or approval rules, so as to promote the benign development of the international trade!

BACL Service:

With the accreditation of international authoritative institutions such as IECEE CBTL, OSHA NRTL, NVLAP and A2LA, and abundant testing experience in lighting products, wireless communication products, audio and video products, power products and so forth, BACL can provide you with complete, reliable and timely pretest of products’ structure to ensure that the electrical structure and mechanical structure of your products can completely meet all the requirements and the standards, so that you can quickly obtain certifications of different countries and then export your products smoothly to foreign countries such as North America, the EU, Australia, Japan, South Korea, etc!