Congratulations on Fujian BACL’s Successful Approval of CNAS


Informed by CNAS on September 19, 2018, Bay Area Compliance Laboratories Corp. (Fujian) (hereinafter called Fujian BACL) successfully got the accreditation of CNAS. The certificate number is CNAS L11432. Relative information can be inquired through CNAS official web:(。


Fujian BACL grew out of Shenzhen BACL. It was established in 2009, and in 2017 a large physical and chemical laboratory were set up there. Fujian BACL now is the 7th independent laboratory of BACL Group in China, with a testing range covering textiles, leather/fur, shoes and shoe material, toys, children’s products and decorations, packaging materials, electrical and electronic products, etc. Fujian BACL gets the accreditation of CNAS in almost 10 fields, amount to over 100 standards this time.

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It’s been only a year since the establishment of the physical and chemical laboratory. The reason why Fujian BACL can get the accreditation of CNAS in such a short time is that BACL Group constantly accumulates experience to improve its management level and testing ability. The success proves that the layout and service ability of BACL Group in east China, south China and southwest China are improved. It is the milestone in the progress of BACL Group. We will adhere to the fine tradition of BACL Group forever, taking “professional, accurate, efficient and authoritative” as the tenet. On this basis, we will continue to strengthen the management of internal quality and expand the service range to provide more customers with professional and efficient one-stop service!