Telecom/NEBS Testing

As an FCC-designated Telecom/NEBS Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB) and Industry Canada- designated Foreign Certification Body, BACL can directly manage testing, approving, and filing for ACTA (USA) and TEL (Canada). BACL provides a comprehensive set of Telecom Telecommunication standards.

Below is a few examples of our test capabilities:

  • ACTA TIA-968: Technical Requirements for Connection of Terminal Equipment to Telephone Network;
  • Canada’s CS-03: Technical requirements for the registration of terminal equipment, terminal systems, network protection devices and associated connection arrangements;
  • ETSI ES 203 021: Access and Terminals (AT); Harmonized basic attachment requirements for Terminals for connection to analogue interfaces of the Telephone Networks per the R&TTE Directive;
  • Australia’s AS/ACIF S002: Analogue interworking and non-interference requirements for Customer Equipment for connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network; AS/ACIF S003: Customer Access Equipment for connection to a Telecommunications Network;
  • Singapore’s iDA: Technical requirements for Line Terminal Equipments;
  • Hong Kong’s OFTA: Technical requirements for Fixed Network Equipments;
  • Japan’s JATE: Technical requirements for Telecommunication Terminal Equipment;
  • ITU-T Recommendation K.21: Resistibility of telecommunication equipment installed in customer premises to over-voltages and over-currents; Recommendation ITU-T K.44:Resistibility tests for telecommunication equipment exposed to over-voltages and over-currents (Basic Recommendation)

BACL tests your NEBS (Network Equipment Building System) equipment to ensure it doesn’t interfere with other electronic equipment by electromagnetic radiation, grounding system, electrical power connections, excessive heat, blocking the natural air flow or connecting wires and cables. Telephone companies typically place a group of network equipment, often from different manufacturers, into relatively tight quarters, especially in central office buildings. NEBS compliance testing ensures that equipment is easy to be installed, operates reliably, and efficiently utilizes building space. Physical configurations and compatibility of equipment with known environmental conditions help reduce product installation and maintenance costs.

BACL has many years of experience on Telcordia industry standards that were set up to minimize the risk of telephone service interruption resulting from electromagnetic interference. Each regional operating company or local exchange carrier adopts its own interpretation of the Telcordia standards and BACL’s thorough knowledge of Telcordia standards helps your products evaluate those differences and thus accessing those companies.

Please contact our Compliance Experts for technical inquiries or our friendly Sales Team to schedule testing or a tour of our facilities.