SAR Testing

We specialize on SAR, DFS, and HAC in the field of RF testing.

The FCC and IC require certain types of portable wireless devices to meet SAR requirement to protect human health from exposure to hazardous radiation. With the latest Schmid & Partner (SPEAG) DASY4 SAR measurement system and our state-of-art facilities, BACL is poised to provide the most advanced testing in industry. We were among one of the first group of SAR test labs since SAR was enforced. We specialize in SAR measurement on WiMax, BT, WLAN, Cellular and Broadband PCS device, VHF and UHF radios. We have probes for a wide range of frequencies from 150 MHz, 450 MHz, 850 MHz, to 1800 MHz.

Test Capabilities

Specific Absorption Rate up to 6 GHz

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