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KC E-labelling Requirement Update

KC accepts e-labelling methods. Besides display method, KC now allows QR code method.

  • Display method: Applied to a product with display (projector, notebook computer, mobile phone), only in case an user can not remove the display.
  • QR code method: On a product or package, include conformity assessment information in QR code or link applicant’s homepage (URL) for the information through QR code.

Applicant/certificate holder’s homepage shall be managed under his/her responsibility and ensured that continuously provide conformity assessment information when showing conformity assessment marking/labelling through homepage link method.

KC mark and KC ID shall be clearly shown at appropriate one location of top, bottom, left and right in QR code or adjacent to the outside of QR code.
The size and color of KC mark can be modified according to product design to the extent that it does not interfere with the rapid recognition of QR code.
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